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    XtraLight LED Lighting Gives BMW of Crystal Lake A Competitive Advantage

    Oct 16, 2018 12:59:14 PM

    Auto Dealers Case Studies


    XtraLight™ LED outdoor lighting helps transform BMW of Crystal Lake into a visually pleasing marketplace that catches the eye of customers while reducing annual energy savings significantly. The Viento LED area light provides a competitive advantage with the industry’s best outdoor lighting and creates a visually stimulating experience for customers on the lot.



    The Opportunity

    Located just 45 miles northwest of the Chicago city limits, BMW of Crystal Lake is part of the largest luxury car dealership in McHenry County. Over the years, they have been committed to making the car buying experience special and stress-free for their customers. Part of that buying experience is the visual stimulation that sparks an emotional attachment to a particular vehicle on the lot. The automotive professionals at BMW of Crystal Lake understood the importance of outdoor lighting to the sales process and how crucial it was to update their system to the latest LED lighting technology.







    Our Solution

    Dan Brzozowski, the General Manager of BMW of Crystal Lake, connected with Thayer Lighting, a local lighting company to get guidance on upgrading their system. In turn, they partnered with their local manufacturer’s rep, Vertical Lighting & Controls. All working together, they would create an LED lighting solution that would feature XtraLight’s Viento Area/Site luminaire to improve the lighting quality and capture significant energy savings. Over the course of the entire installation, (65) 1000W metal halide lights were replaced with (44) 300W Viento Large models and (7) 400W metal halide wall lights were replaced with (7) 144W Viento Medium models. The Viento Area/Site luminaire was chosen specifically for its ability to leverage the optical and thermal characteristics unique to LED technology and its exceptional illumination performance.  By utilizing the proprietary optics, mounting accessories and available photocells, this would dramatically improve the curb appeal of the lot and focus the light when and where it’s needed the most.


    With the new XtraLight Vientos installed, visibility on the lot has improved significantly and the curb appeal has never been better. The annual energy consumption will be reduced by 78% and the new lighting system will be paid for with those exact savings in just a year and a half. Overall, there will be a combined energy and maintenance savings of $27,400 a year. Pleased with the results and positive feedback received from employees and customers about the new LED lighting, BMW of Crystal Lake will showcase its dealership in a “new light” and make the right first impression with new customers for years to come.

    Download the case study here:  Auto_BMW_Crystal_Lake_Web (1.8 MB)


    About Vertical Lighting & Controls

    Vertical Lighting & Controls is a leading agency in the LED lighting industry. With many years of experience, they are able to offer a strategic competitive advantage to their customers. It is through their industry solution specialists that they continue to deliver market leading, cost-saving solutions that fit each of their customers unique goals and objectives.


    The XtraLight Team

    The XtraLight Team

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