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    Entergy Texas Recognizes Top Trade Allies In The Entergy Solutions Program

    Nov 8, 2017 9:15:53 AM

    XtraLight Among Award-Winning Top Performers

    Houston, Texas (November 8, 2017) – Entergy Texas, Inc. recently recognized outstanding partners who participate in the Entergy Solutions program to save customers’ money and energy. The Entergy Solutions program provides no-cost technical and financial support to help businesses identify and implement projects that reduce energy usage.

    XtraLight Announces Additional Product Focus on LED Lighting for Data Centers

    Jul 23, 2017 10:00:44 AM

    XtraLight Manufacturing, a leader in commercial LED light fixtures, has recently initiated an additional focus on data center LED lighting. This comes after research has found that data centers can reduce energy consumption by up to 40% just by applying best management energy-efficiency measures and strategies. More specifically, data centers can improve their power usage effectiveness (PUE) by up to 25% with energy-efficient LED lighting paired with sophisticated controls and sensors.


    XtraLight Appoints New Senior Vice President of PACE Operations

    Jun 20, 2017 5:04:22 PM

    Houston, Texas (June 5, 2017)XtraLight Manufacturing, a leading provider of commercial LED lighting solutions announces that Jim Scarborough has joined the company as Sr. Vice President for PACE operations.

    Scarborough was a co-founder of a successful national energy-efficient project management firm (E-Tex Energy Solutions). Jim also brings 15 years of experience as a director of a national bank, 25 years experience in real estate development, and 10 years in energy efficient management.


    XtraLight Announces New Viento Wall Pack LED Luminaire

    Jun 5, 2017 8:29:23 PM

    Houston, Texas (June 1, 2017)XtraLight LED Lighting Solutions today announced the release of the Viento Wall Pack LED luminaire, a new and unique take on the common wall pack light fixture. The new Viento LED Wall Pack is ideal for architects and specifiers looking for a LED luminaire that blends seamlessly with a variety of architectural styles.

    XtraLight Recognized for Excellence in Performance from TVA

    Feb 7, 2017 1:30:18 PM

    Houston, Texas – February 7, 2017 – XtraLight, Houston’s leading industrial and commercial LED products manufacturer, was nominated by TVA EnergyRight® Solutions for Business + Industry Program in the Southeast and Alabama Districts in the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) region in 2016.

    New LED Troffer - Now DLC Premium & DLC Standard Listed!

    Jul 29, 2016 9:29:39 AM

    The LPR LED Recessed Troffer has various models that are DLC Premium and DLC Standard. Click here to visit our complete DLC Listed Products page.

    The LPR is extremely low-profile, only 3.95 inches, allowing it to work easily in tight plenum conditions. The 2 x 4 model is available in lumen packages from 3000L up to 8500L, the 2 x 2 model offers packages from 2000L to 4500L. The LPR features the latest in LED technology to maximize energy savings while providing outstanding photometric performance for most commercial, educational, and office applications. Priced extremely competitively, the LPR is the perfect solution for the most demanding budgets.

    LHA LED High Bay Aisle Lighter

    Jul 28, 2016 3:16:15 PM
    The LHA LED High Bay Aisle Lighter provides an even light distribution for optimal visibility between racks and increased readability of labels. Our high-performance optics minimizes fixture count and maximizes energy savings. XtraLight’s advanced thermal management system allows for rapid heat dissipation ensuring long life with minimal lumen depreciation. The two lumen packages, the 17000L and 21000L, allows design flexibility. The LHA LED High Bay Aisle Lighter has a 10-year warranty. Please the LHA product page for more information.

    The LHH High Ambient LED High Bay

    Mar 11, 2016 3:44:34 PM

    The LHH High Ambient LED High Bay is a uniquely designed luminaire for industrial or warehousing spaces with high ambient operating temperatures up to 55°C (131°F). XtraLight's advanced thermal management system allows for rapid heat dissipation ensuring long life with minimal lumen depreciation. It's available in two lumen packages, the Model 140 and Model 200, for design flexibility.

    RLL & RRL Recessed Linear LED Solutions

    Feb 26, 2016 11:21:04 AM

    Ideal LED solutions for Commercial and Retail spaces such as Grocery Stores, Drug Stores, Department Stores and other retailers using row mounted recessed luminaires.

    LRW LED Radial Wrap

    Feb 24, 2016 8:58:37 AM

    This week's featured product is a versatile LED linear luminaire. The LRW LED is the perfect solution for hallways, corridors, restrooms, or virtually any low profile application in commercial or educational spaces. It features a proprietary vandal resistant frosted ribbed lens and is available in either 42W or 52W versions. The housing is constructed of code gauge aluminum painted white (custom colors are available) while the end caps are mechanically fastened to the body for strength and rigidity. Choose from three Correlated Color Temperatures (CCT): 3000K, 4000K, or 5000K.

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