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Unveiling the power of ‘Build America, Buy America Act’: Ultimate guide for lighting manufacturers!

The purpose of making and enforcing laws is to improve people's lives and the smooth operation of society. One such law, the Buy...

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New Vandal Wrap LED Lighting Product Line

XtraLight Manufacturing launches vandal resistant LED lighting with their new VIGOR series

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UV Dosage for Disinfection

Viruses, bacteria, mold, and other pathogens are now stopped dead in their tracks with XtraLight's UVC High Power Ultraviolet...

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Major Tool & Machine Sees $250,000+ In Annual Cost Reductions:

"We didn't realize how dark our plant was until we put up the LED lights" - Mike Griffith (Pres).

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Hazardous Location Lighting: What is Class I Division II?

The Class, Division, and Group system based on Article 500 of the National Electric Code (NEC) is defined by The National Fire...

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Florida Wildlife Certifications:

XtraLight announces seven new products dedicated to wildlife conservation.

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The Architect Cheat Sheet: Simplifying Recessed Troffer Lighting

Illuminating subtly from the ceiling, recessed lighting is a popular form of architecture that is specified for a wide range of...

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IP-65, IP-67, IP69K? 4 Things You Should Know.

In this article we'll focus on what IP ratings are, and what they can tell you about that particular product.

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Everything You Wanted To Know About Red Light Therapy: Will It Work For You?

The newest movement for successful gyms across the country involves more than just adding extra equipment and classes. What they...

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4 Health Benefits of LED Lighting In Schools You Should Know About

By learning more about the advantages that LED lighting can bring to both your school and the students attending, you can make an...

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