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XtraLight Launches Three New UVC Fixture Product Collections

XtraLight broadens their UVC lighting portfolio to meet the increasing requests for UV-C disinfection fixtures.

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New Vandal Wrap LED Lighting Product Line

XtraLight Manufacturing launches vandal resistant LED lighting with their new VIGOR series

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UV Dosage for Disinfection

Viruses, bacteria, mold, and other pathogens are now stopped dead in their tracks with XtraLight's UVC High Power Ultraviolet...

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XtraLight® Introduces Tunable White
XtraLight adds High Tech Human Centric Lighting to LED Collection 
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The Architect Cheat Sheet: Simplifying Recessed Troffer Lighting

Illuminating subtly from the ceiling, recessed lighting is a popular form of architecture that is specified for a wide range of...

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Everything You Wanted To Know About Red Light Therapy: Will It Work For You?

The newest movement for successful gyms across the country involves more than just adding extra equipment and classes. What they...

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XtraLight Brings McCarthy Ford Into The Light

McCarthy Ford switches to XtraLight™ LED lighting to help reduce their energy and maintenance costs and to help showcase their...

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What Does Made in America Really Mean?

The words "Made in America" are more than a marketing slogan. When you see "Made in America" or "Made in USA," you are actually...

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