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5 Needs Solved by LED Lighting

Apr 12, 2017 6:13:00 AM

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5 Needs Solved by LED LightingReady to make the switch to LED lighting but securing buy in from management getting in the way? A lighting upgrade can require a sizable investment, especially for large buildings or facilities and it might take some convincing up the management chain to get the go ahead. We've outlined 5 major needs solved by switching to LED in order to arm you with the tools necessary to convince management an LED upgrade makes sense for your building.

Increased Efficiency

Lighting absorbs a significant portion of energy costs in most facilities. LED lighting can help significantly lower this expenditure. Many worry that the cost of LED fixtures is prohibitive but pricing on LED fixtures has steadily decreased while functionality has reached unprecedented levels—fixtures can now generate more lumens per watt, meaning more bang for your buck.

Typically, a 50,000 square foot commercial building can spend upwards of $45,000 per year on energy related to lighting costs alone. Depending on the number and type of fixtures currently in place, a switch to LED can cut your energy bill by up to 80%!

Lower Maintenance Costs

When it comes to evaluating the costs of lighting in your organization, ongoing maintenance costs is an expense not to be overlooked.

The lighting fixtures in your facility represent fixed costs in terms of maintenance, repairs, and replacement requirements. Anything you can do to reduce the amount of maintenance on something as crucial as lighting will do wonders for your company’s bottom line.

With LED fixtures rated for lifetimes upward of 100,000 hours, employees who have been tasked with routine light bulb inspection and maintenance can be redeployed to other, more pressing concerns once you install energy-efficient, long lasting LED lights.

A Better, Safer Work Environment

LED offers a variety of brightness levels, color temperatures, lens configurations and more—meaning the light you need, when and where you need it. Advanced systems can also provide greater efficiency by eliminating wasted light.

What's more, if safety is a priority at your organization, it’s your responsibility to ensure there is proper lighting to help keep everyone safe. This is where switching over to LED lighting can really make a difference. Proper illumination from LED fixtures deters crime by eliminating dark spots in parking garages and parking lots, where 10% of property crimes take place in the U.S. (according to the US Bureau of Justice Statistics).

More Storage Space

Is your building using outdated HID or fluorescent systems? Chances are you have a large inventory of replacement lamps, ballasts, and fixtures wasting valuable space in your facility. With LED’s extended lifespan, you can store fewer (or even no) extra lights. On top of gaining back valuable space, that means less expenditures for replacement inventory.

Seize Rebates

Many U.S. utility companies and government entities offer tax rebates for energy-efficient lighting. Details can vary depending upon the utility, but many maintain energy programs for commercial facilities both at the federal, state, and local level.

There are many other benefits to be had from switching to LED but these should help get the conversation moving past the roadblock of up front costs. If you're interested in learning more about the specifics of available savings for your building, consider a professional lighting assessment from XtraLight. After a walkthrough of your building, we'll provide a detailed breakdown of energy cost savings, maintenance cost savings, specific rebates available, and even environmental impact.

The XtraLight Team

The XtraLight Team

The resident LED lighting experts of XtraLight Manufacturing pull from their 30+ years of experience in the lighting industry to bring you up to date news and information about the LED lighting industry.