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Top Concerns Architects Have When Integrating Lighting Products Into Their Designs

Mar 8, 2018 4:58:45 PM

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Experienced architects understand the importance of a great LED lighting solution. For commercial projects, architectural lighting fixtures are not only a matter of taste and style but also a major safety concern and functional part of the building you are designing. Because of this, architects need to work with the best commercial LED lighting experts in the business and XtraLight is one of the most knowledgeable and helpful manufacturers and industry experts around.

Here’s how XtraLight addresses some of the top lighting product concerns of architects:


How Do The Products Look?


XtraLight LED architectural lighting solutions are masterfully engineered to provide high quality illumination performance for any application. These elegant products, like the Viento Area & Site light, are styled to blend beautifully with the overall theme of any architectural plan. Have a great idea for a custom light fixture that would fit perfectly in a space? XtraLight can also offer rapid prototyping capabilities that quickly convert vague ideas or custom project requirements into tangible products. Because XtraLight controls each stage of the design and manufacturing process, they can quickly conceptualize and manufacture custom premium products with best-in-class components to ensure high performance.


Are The Products Easy To Install?


Architects know when designing a space that the lighting not only has to look as good as it functions, but can also be easily installed in the field. Contractors want to be able to install products that take minimal effort so that it cuts down on labor costs and keeps projects within budget. XtraLight LED lighting products not only have a contemporary appearance, but they have been smartly engineered and designed to install in minutes out in the field.


Where are the Lights Made?


Another major concern for architects is finding out where the lights are made. Many businesses hope to support American-made products and avoid any potential health hazards, or quality issues that come from lighting products made overseas. XtraLight products are all engineered and manufactured in Houston, Texas, and they are all verified for performance and sustainability. Because they are tested by an on-site NVLAP® accredited facility, XtraLight products are backed by an extensive 10-year warranty.


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Are the Lights Certified or Approved?


Whether you’re designing lights for a warehouse or an office, the certifications and approvals are one of the most important things you will think about when choosing a solution. Some of the most critical like ETL, UL, CSA, and DLC dictate which lighting products should be used for the application. These certifications have everything to do with safety ratings, energy-efficiency, and more. Many industries require a certain standard of light for the application, and XtraLight manufactures some of the most trusted and high performance products available with these certifications and approvals.


Are the Lights Future-Friendly?


Today’s innovation is all about automation and integration. Smart technology is crucial for a successful business in 2018. When designing a commercial space, it’s important for the LED commercial light fixtures to be completely cohesive with any smart technology you are including. These lights can be integrated with any third-party automation technology. Some examples include computer systems that can monitor the energy use and sensors that turn on and off lights when they are not needed or dim lights as well. When your LED commercial lighting solutions are integrated with smart technology, the possibilities are endless. XtraLight products are network controls-ready and can be easily integrated in building automation.


What's the Expected Lead Time for an Order?


Busy architects also know a thing or two about deadlines. Meeting those deadlines for construction projects is often a huge deciding factor when designing a lighting solution. XtraLight guarantees every order is fulfilled within 7-15 business days depending on the complexity and scope of work, so the timeline is always respected, and the design and construction stay on track.


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With over 30 years of industry experience, XtraLight is more than an LED lighting solutions provider. We’re a trusted industry expert who can act as a valuable resource for information and advice regarding your commercial LED lighting needs and architectural lighting questions. Whether you’re concerned about performance or sustainability, LED products by XtraLight check all the boxes. You can learn more about lighting controls from our dedicated resource page. You can also solve your biggest lighting concerns today by reaching out to our experts.


The XtraLight Team

The XtraLight Team

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