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Working Efficiently: Why A Lighting Assessment Might Be Necessary For Your Office Space

Jul 23, 2018 5:30:00 AM

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Facility managers are realizing more often now that lighting can impact energy expenses and how it could contribute to savings as well. Analysis shows that thoughtful consideration to office lighting design can transform the workplace into an environment that increases productivity, enhances awareness and is more inviting overall.

How do you know what the appropriate lighting design is for your office? Since there isn’t necessarily a cookie-cutter solution for everyone, a lighting assessment can investigate your current system for opportunities to transition to more efficient lighting technology.




Anticipated Energy and Cost Savings

Rising costs of energy usage have continued to be one of the primary concerns of facility managers. Half of the total operating expenses for an average private-sector office building are the utilities and more specifically the repairs and maintenance associated with them. This all from the 2016 Office Benchmark Report released by the Building Owners and Operating Managers Association (BOMA) that includes data from over 5,200 buildings in 272 markets.

A thorough lighting assessment from a professional in the lighting industry can help you evaluate your energy consumption and locate existing technology that’s more efficient. Loparex, the world’s leading supplier of release liners, reduced its lighting costs in its office by $7,000 a year with XtraLight’s LED products. That’s a total savings over the life of the new products of $70,000. The technology in LED lighting allows the fixture using 42 watts (or fewer) to do the work of traditional 100+ watt fluorescent systems.

Rebates from switching to LED lighting can also help reduce costs. Lighting professionals who conduct assessments are prepared to help building owners and managers identify which local programs they could be eligible for and where they could capture further savings.


Efficiency Standards That Are Becoming More Strict

If utility bills aren’t motivation enough for facility managers to consider more energy-efficient lighting, then stricter building codes will. The Environmental Protection Agency’s National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency states that energy consumption will increase by more than one-third by 2025. More specifically electrical power consumption will increase by 40 percent. Federal, state and local governments are responding to this demand by implementing codes that require more energy-efficient processes in new construction and existing properties. California has been the first state to execute a major program, “Title 24”, that includes mandatory lighting requirements.


Making An Impression That Counts

Building managers and owners will probably be amazed after being informed that their office space is over-lit after a light audit has been performed. The Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) recommends a 30-50 footcandle (fc) range for ambient (general) office lighting even though the average is considerably more. The over-lighting can result in higher energy costs for companies.

An answer to this dilemma could be a layered lighting design that can combine ambient and task lighting together in ratios that make sense for the areas in question. The IESNA also asserts that when a lighting design is overhauled based on an audit, it should achieve qualitative objectives while maximizing efficiency overall. Further evidence that a slight lighting design change can make a powerful difference to the bottom line.



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Costs Associated With Maintenance

How much time and money could be saved when maintenance staff can focus on more pressing responsibilities aside from climbing ladders to replace lighting? A significant amount if the lighting is replaced with long-life energy-efficient options. With less attention and upkeep to worry about, the maintenance savings add up quickly and look more attractive on a yearly basis.

A professional lighting audit can advise where retrofitting or installing new luminaires will reduce maintenance costs over time. Many building owners and managers fail to realize that by just reducing a few watts per luminaire that they can see dramatic savings annually. McRae Industries, a manufacturer of footwear for more than 50 years, renovated their corporate headquarters with XtraLight’s LED lighting technology. Over the life of all the products, it will save the company upwards of $287,000.


Improving Efficiency Never Stops

Breaking ground for large corporations to smaller companies, facility managers are making priority decisions based on environmental concerns more so then ever before. Objectives and procedures are now aimed at making the workplace more efficient and becoming a larger part of company culture. Efficient, well-planned lighting is an important piece of this puzzle. A complete assessment is the first step to achieving the simple changes that will have long-lasting results in an organization.


How To Get Started

A decision to renovate a lighting design isn’t as simple as switching out a fixture for another one. A proper lighting assessment will take into consideration all the goals for your facility, including long-term objectives and energy saving targets as well as the functions of your existing fixtures. XtraLight representatives will take the time and effort to properly evaluate your current lighting and propose the specific LED lighting products that would be most beneficial. XtraLight representatives will also provide a detailed proposal that will help you properly understand what your investment will do for your organization and how it can contribute to your bottom line for years to come.


Schedule A Free Lighting Assessment

Take the first step to huge cost savings by scheduling your free lighting assessment from XtraLight. Just answer a few questions and you’ll be on your way to receiving an energy-efficient lighting upgrade summary tailored specifically to your unique project. Visit our Lighting Assessment page for more details or contact an XtraLight Lighting Representative today.


The XtraLight Team

The XtraLight Team

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