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4 Ways Retailers Use LED Lighting To Boost Sales

Designing a retail space involves a lot more than choosing product placement, but not everybody realizes all the components that...

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Expertly Educated: 8 Lighting Industry Certifications

Lighting is one of those things that modern, 21st-century residents and professionals simply take for granted. Just flip a...

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The Critical Role of a Lighting Designer

Without light, we cannot see, and since so many of our daily activities are inherently tied to our ability to perceive shape,...

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6 Things You Should Know About LED Parking Lot Lights

Keeping a parking lot well-lit every night can get expensive, especially during times of the year when daylight hours are at a...

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XtraLight Brings McCarthy Ford Into The Light

McCarthy Ford switches to XtraLight™ LED lighting to help reduce their energy and maintenance costs and to help showcase their...

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What Does Made in America Really Mean?

The words "Made in America" are more than a marketing slogan. When you see "Made in America" or "Made in USA," you are actually...

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5 Reasons Schools Should Adopt LED Lighting

Students are often at the forefront of the latest trends. Schools, on the other hand, wait for all of the evidence to be in...

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Maximize Data Center Efficiency with LED Lighting

To say that energy efficiency is important in the context of a data center is something of an understatement. The Federal Energy...

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6 Reasons to Schedule a Professional Lighting Assessment

Taking advantage of the latest upgrades in lighting technology may not only provide you a better aesthetic experience, but you...

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